The Dawn Patrol Photo/Video Album
Airport Picnics

Picnics at Liberty Landing Airport.  Including Ron & Joyce Celebrations and the Eclipse.
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Liberty Memorial Display (5 years)

The Dawn Patrol displayed their WWI replicas on the grounds of the Liberty Memorial and Museum.
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Oshkosh Airshows (11 years)

Dawn Patrol trips to EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, WI.
(updated with 2019)

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Airport Christmas Parties (5 years)

Airport Christmas Parties hosted by Buddy & Carolyn at their Red Barn. Always a great time and lots of good food.
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Fokker Triplane lands at Topeka

Dick Lemons donates his Fokker Triplane to the Combat Air Museum in Toepka KS, Oct 4, 2017.
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Fokker Triplane over Liberty Landing

Dick Lemons flys his replica Fokker DR-1 over Liberty Landing Airport, filmed by Dick Starks.
Video duration 7:37
Dawn Patrol in Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine

Dawn Patrol clip from December 2014 issue of Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine On-Line (by Chris Gerlach).
Video duration 1:00
Dead Stick from 900 Feet

Dick Lemons dead sticks his Quicksilver MXII Sprint in from 900' at Liberty Landing Airport.
Video duration 2:13

Dawn Patrol at Salute To Veterans

The Dawn Patrol at the Salute To Veterans Airshow, Columbia Mo
1997 - 2017

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BT-13 Flies at Liberty Landing

Jay Williams bought a 1941 WWII U.S. Army Air Corps Vultee BT-13 (Vibrator). Harvey checking Jay and giving rides.
Video duration 5:22
Liberty Landing Airport 2013-10-07

More fun at Liberty Landing Airport with the Dawn Patrol & Friends October 7th, 2013.
Video duration 12:38
Liberty Landing Airport 2013-10-02

Trying out my new video camera at Liberty Landing Airport the evening of October 2nd, 2013.
Video duration 10:04

"Weekend Warbirds" on SHOOTING USA by Chris Gerlach (Part 1).

Part #1 Segment from the "Weekend Warbirds" project as it aired on "SHOOTING USA", May 12, 2010. Videos from Newville by Chris Gerlach.
Video duration 7:05
"Weekend Warbirds" on SHOOTING USA by Chris Gerlach (Part 2).

Part #2 segment from the "Weekend Warbirds" project. Videos from Newville Chris Gerlach.
Video duration 4:53
The Dawn Patrol of Kansas city slide show.

Dawn Patrol of Kansas City
slide show.

Video duration 4:50
News Clip on making Amelia Movie

Harvey is interviewed by local Fox-4 news about flying in the movie Amelia.
Video duration 2:11

Liberty Memorial Museum Opening Fox-4 News

Fox-4 News segment on the Liberty Memorial Museum Opening in 2006.
Video duration 3:32
Columbia Channel 8 News 1995

Columbia Channel 8 News Cast about the Dawn Patrol and Salute to Veterans Airshow.
Video duration 3:18
Taube to the Topeka Combat Air Museum

Channel 13 News clip on Dick & Sharon Starks donation of their Taube to the Combat Air Museum in Topeka KS.
Video duration 0:44
Dawn Patrol of Kansas City Intro for Chapter 3.

Each Dawn Patrol DVD has a segment introducing our members. This is the one for DVD #3.
Video duration 1:48

Gardner WWI Gatherings (12 years)

Marvin Story's Annual WWI Gathering Of Eagles at the Gardner Kansas Airport
(Updated with 2017)
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"A Gathering Of Eagles" by Brian FitzGerald

Brian FitzGerald put up a very nice video of the Gardner WWI Gathering Of Eagles in 2012.
Video duration 6:28
Kansas City World War I Airshow by Matt Thomas

Gathering of Eagles World War I Fly-In at Gardner KS Airport 2008...featuring The Dawn Patrol.
Video duration 3:43
Terry Lamb's Fly-Ins

Annual Fly-Ins at Terry Lamb's Field
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SA Photography Sept 2014

SA Photography came out to Liberty Landing Airport and took some pictures of our planes.
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Salute To Veterans Airshow 2010 by Justin Pierce

In 2010 Justin Pierce produced a video of the Salute To Veterans Celebration Columbia, Mo.
Video duration 5:33
Dawn Patrol Photos

Some of our favorite Dawn Patrol Photos.
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L4 (military version of a J3 Cub)

Mark and Brenda's 2012 trip to Florida to trade the 1940 Ford pickup for a 1945 Piper L4.
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Harvey Flies Mariner

Harvey flies his gray Mariner at Liberty Landing Airport for the last time before removing the Continental O-200 for a lighter alternative. This beautiful Mariner was built by John O'Connor..
Video duration 5:49
"Chump" Project

Tom & Mark are building a
"Champ-Like" homebuilt airplane.

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