Our DVDs Covering Construction, Covering and Flight Characteristics of our Nieuports.
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THE NEW DAWN PATROL DVD, CHAPTER ONE is the first video we made back in 1986/87. It covered the taxi testing of the Nieuports, our first flights and had a very detailed look at a complete plane. We took it off the market because a lot of the material later on in the video was too dated to be any good. Well, we've taken the video and updated it to a DVD format with chapters. It still contains the taxi-tests, first flights and the very detailed walk around but we've deleted all the out of date material and added updated flying scenes and some really great formation flying video shot from a Piper J-3. This video is a good one to show you the ground handling and flight characteristic of these great little planes. 

THE NEW DAWN PATROL DVD, CHAPTER TWO is the construction DVD with close, very detailed looks at several uncovered Nieuports under construction in the Kansas City area. It is just under two hours long. The video is broken into "chapters" just like movie DVDs and allows you to jump to any scene you wish. The chapters cover, in great detail the following: Beginning, Dick And Tom's First Big Air Show, Tom's demonstrates the flying characteristics of his Nieuport for an Aussie Guest, Our Rib Bending Jig, Lower Wing Construction, Fuselage Assembly Discussion, Fiberglass Nose Bowl Construction, Rotax 447 Engine Installation, More Fuselage Construction, Undercarriage ( Landing Gear ) Construction, Controls installation and rigging, Annealing Aluminum, "Loose Route" formation flying, End Credits

THE NEW DAWN PATROL DVD, CHAPTER THREE covers the modifications we made to the planes after three years of flying. It has a lots of flying, touch and goes, combat and formation flying in it and gives you a close look at the ground handling and flight characteristics of the planes. It also has a very detailed look at our modifications to the tail skids after we all four suffered failures of the tail skid assembly after about 150 hours each of flying. Like Chapter two, this video is broken into "chapters" and allows you to jump to any scene you wish. The chapters are: Opening, Some flying scenes to get you enthused, Tail Hoop failure, Rotax engine mount, brakes, tail-wheels, Flying in a cross-wind, More Rotax details and brakes, Misc flying and building notes, Missouri Madness Chainsaw Starter, Dick Lemons Flies Around The Patch, Typical summer evening's flying, Outtakes and extra flying, Dawn Patrol Slide Show Teaser, End Credits.

THE NEW DAWN PATROL DVD, CHAPTER FOUR covers rigging the planes, trimming the stabilizer, figuring weight and balance and some live tests showing you how to determine if your engine/prop combination will have enough "poop" to fly your plane. The rigging part is broken into three separate film clips where we rig Dick Stark's right wing on his Nieuport, mount Tom Glaeser's wings and trim his, and a time-lapse clip where we completely rig another Nieuport. The "decalage" clip shows how we measure the decalalge on our planes. In the weight and balance chapter, we videoed doing the weight and balance on Mark's plane when he went from the Rotax to the VW. There are two different clips showing how we pull-tested Dick Lemon's and Dick Stark's planes to measure  the thrust from their different engine/prop packages. The take-off tests are where we make one our our Nieuports attempt different take-offs at different measured power settings to see exactly how much thrust is needed to just barely get it off the ground. There is also a short clip about the flood of '93, the Great Toad Attack, and last but not least, a video about the Frank Ryder fly-in in '94 where Mark Pierce and Dick Starks made two close formation passes down the field, IN THE RAIN with Frank Ryder in his 200 hp, full-scale Fokker DR-1 triplane. That's enough to give you goose-bumps right there. And, of course, as usual, some other flying scenes. 

THE NEW DAWN PATROL DVD, CHAPTER FIVE is the covering and painting DVD. If you are already comfortable working with fabric covered aircraft and painting them, YOU DO NOT NEED THIS VIDEO. There is very little flying in it. When we got all four planes ready to cover after rebuilding them from the flood of '93, we took them all over to Mark Pierce's basement and covered all four at the same time. We video taped much of the process and like I said above, if you already know fabric covering, Don't buy this video, save your money, you don't need it.


I must emphasize that these videos are NOT  STAR WARS quality. They were made "in the heat of battle" so to speak, but, they will answer a lot of the questions that arise during the construction of a Nieuport. In a few places, I'm sorry to say, since, like I mentioned, they were made in the "heat of battle" they are rated PG. So be warned. If you still want it/them, please print out the order form and send a personal check or money order made out to Dick Starks at the address listed on the order form. Usually, we ship the same day we receive the order.

The volume of responses we have received from the magazine articles has been overwhelming. I think the videos will answer many of the questions you might have about building and flying these magnificent little WARBIRDS!!! The videos are available in DVD only. Please remember, THESE DVD's CAN ONLY BE PLAYED ON DVD PLAYERS THAT CAN PLAY DVD-R DISKS. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer them in PAL format.