Well... All good things must come to an end sometime. I got a call from Marvin Story that there will be no Gathering of Eagles at the Gardner, Kansas Municipal Airport this year. After 23 years this annual celebration of WWI flight has come to an end. However, there is something on the horizon that sounds pretty dang neat to replace the Gathering. I'm waiting for confirmation from Marvin before I comment further on this. Check back often and as soon as I get the word from Marvin, I'll let you know.....

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If you are thinking about building your own WWI flying replica but just can't make up your mind... DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK Remember, I warned you NOT to click on the link!!!

Don't Forget the annual Memorial Day Salute to Veteran's Air Show held at Columbia Regional Airport over the Memorial Day Weekend. We NEED as many WWI aircraft: flying, static, projects as we can get to show up. They will treat you better than you will EVER get treated at any other show you will attend!! Email me HERE for more information!!

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Check out this GREAT video clip by Chris Gerlach from the Gardner, KS 2011 Gathering of Eagles. Click HERE

And, a TV station from St. Joseph came down and interviewed Marvin Story about the Gardner fly-in. Enjoy. Click HERE

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