The Dawn Patrol's 
2014 Air Show Schedule

Well... the 2013 air show season is over and we had a ball. We hope we got to meet some of you during the year. We're starting to look at 2014 and will update this page as we learn more details. 

But... so far... here's where we're "hoping" to be.

Memorial Day Weekend, Columbia, MO

Salute To Veterans Air Show

Weather permitting, we will be flying in the mornings "before the waiver" period. Look for us in a circle at Air Show Center.
For more information:

June 13 - 14 Gardner, KS
Fathers' Day Weekend
Thursday through Saturday

The Annual Gathering of Eagles 


Basically an "Oshkosh" for WWI planes and pilots. If you're thinking of building and flying a WWI replica, this is the PLACE to be!! Thursday and Friday are the "arrival, assemble, insult, photo, learn" days. Saturday is the "public attends" day. There will be flying all day long. Friday night, Gardner is also the site of the annual "Last Man Standing" combat plank competition.

Oshkosh WI. 
Either in the Replica Warbirds area or the Ultralight/light plane area.

BUT THIS YEAR!!!! To commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the start of WWI... We've also been invited to be in
Woo Woo!!!


You can probably catch us at air shows if you don't want to come down to beautiful Liberty Landing International Airport and see us. I say "probably" because we only fly somewhere if:

1. A road can lead us there.

2. The weather is "severe clear" with winds zero-gusting to two.

3. We all get all our engines started at the same time. (That's the biggie!)

If we can't fly... There's always our trailers. We usually only display our little beauties at most of the air shows we attend. We don't have the money or inclination to get all the clearances required to fly in them. Displaying the planes and answering questions satisfies all our needs. However... The trailers have opened up a new world for us... In other words... Now if the wind is blowing too hard or Tom is not in the mood... We take the planes apart and put them on the trailers (about 1 1/2 hours), drive to the air show and put them back together (another 1 1/2 hours).